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Ahhhh Self Care: Six of My Favorite Self Care Practices!

No matter what is happening in my life I will always make time for me. I’ve encountered many people who neglect self-care resulting in stress, low esteem, poor physical health, depression…the list goes on. I refuse to be that person.

Everywhere I look, I see a post, quote, commercial, ad…something about self-care. Therefore, everyone should be able to identify healthy ways to implement balance within their life.

First, let’s start by defining self-care…

Any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.

I started reflecting on things I do to ensure my self-care and realized my list was pretty long therefore, I decided to highlight six of my favorites....


Alone Time

I often do things alone to clear my head and recharge. People underestimate the power of just being alone. No talking, entertaining nor caring about what others are thinking….just simply being by myself for a moment to breathe and regroup.

Indulge in My

Gosh, I love food! While I am very particular about what I eat due to health...I sometimes take a day just to enjoy my favorite snacks that has little to no nutritional value. Yep, I enjoy every calorie and morsel of sugar with no regrets.

Get Glammed Up

Nothing like a beat face and a pair of pumps, baby! I love make up, cloths, shoes, purses….you name, I want it. I’ve had many people to ask, “Why do you always dress up?” My response, “Why do you not dress up?” The way you look can determine your vibes for the day. When you look good, you feel good. It may sound cliché but I dare you to try it!


Exercise and a Balanced Diet

Taking care of my body is priority. When I neglect my health I am communicating to God that I don’t appreciate my health. Despite my family history of diseases I am thankful I have not experienced any severe illnesses therefore, I’ve decided that exercising and eating a balanced diet is the least I can do.

Break from Social Media

Whew, this one can be a challenge. However, I limit the time spent on social media. Of course for business purposes I have to be present and engage but timeless strolling is unnecessary. If you experience feelings of inadequacy because you are comparing your life to the post of others I encourage you to take a break. Trust me…you are not missing anything.


Bad day at work? Family driving you crazy? Can’t seem to catch a break? Well, take some time and vent. Venting is not the problem however, it’s how you vent. Find someone who will listen with nonjudgmental ears.

Another option is to journal (my personal favorite) or simply talk it out with yourself. They say people who talk to themselves are crazy. I disagree. I feel that talking to yourself out loud is usually when you find some sort of resolve….it’s like things start to make sense as you recite your feelings out loud.

In conclusion, I encourage you to define what self-care means to you and identify some healthy outlets. Take time to research and apply balance in support of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.


I hope you have enjoyed this read. If you wish to connect with me outside of the blog simply email me at


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