Big or Small, Celebrate All Your Wins!

Who made the rule of only being able to celebrate big events or significant happenings in life...such as graduations, birthday parties, anniversaries, or giving birth?

Often times we are so focused on the destination/goal that we forfeit enjoying the journey. Therefore, we miss the lessons along the way. Ultimately this results in not being able to fully enjoy experience of obtaining the goal.

Well, I am here to break that rule! Starting today, anything you deem as an accomplishment or growth in your life…you celebrate it! For example, you made it though your day without complaining, achieving your goal of eating healthy for a full week, not cruising out your colleague or even getting up early enough to arrive on time to an engagement, you committed to month ago. Any accomplishment is one worth celebrating.


Let’s say something less favorable happens such as you not to accomplish your original goal you had hoped for; celebrate that too! Maybe God is protecting you from something you are unable to foresee in the future. Or it could be that there is a something better awaiting. I am learning to make a big deal out of small achievements. If I lose two pounds, gain a new follower, or even make it through my day without cursing someone, I celebrate!

Also, I want to highlight that celebrating doesn't necessary have to be done by spending tons of money. Learn to reward yourself with things that will untimely fuel your health journey. Example, you loose two pounds of your 20 pound weigh loss goal. Reward yourself with a new pair of work out pants and an extra rest day. Maybe allow yourself an extra hour of relaxation. Be creative in how you reward yourself. Remember, the way you reward yourself should not set you back from accomplishing your goals.


Last, be sure to surround yourself with people who will celebrate with you. I call those people your crew, your circle! No matter, what title you may give them....just be sure to build a strong support team that will have your back no matter where you are within your journey.

I hope that after reading this you are encouraged to celebrate the journey as you work toward the goals. And redeemer, celebrate ALL your wins, big or small.

Love y’all!


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