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Pink Treasures 98 Refocus + Rebranding

Moment of truth, I had completely given up on PT98. I stopped posting on social media, I attempted to cancel my domain name and erase the site. I had even starting telling people that I was just going to focus on my career goals. I was overwhelmed from committing myself to so many task. I figured it was best I stop before I lost my mind. Trying balance all the different components of my business had taken a toll. From social media, sales, web site updates, sharing stories, blog post, podcast.....whewww chile, I was done.


Although, I had mentally given up on PT98, my heart was still there. Anyone ever been in a relationship and you tired of the person but deep down inside you just need some a week long road trip? You don't want to break up you just want to create some space that will allow you both to miss each other. Well, that's how I felt.

After landing a new career, I spent some a few months away, it gave me time to regroup and figure out a strategy. I decided to take it back to the basics....reminding myself of why I started PT98 in the first place, my mama. One evening, I shared a picture on Facebook of me in a sweatshirt that displayed my favorite quote, "My Mama Hustled Too Hard for Me to Be Average" and to my surprise many people showed love and even inquired about the sweatshirt. After discussing it with a special someone, I started making changes to my site and updating the merchandise.

It came to me to rebrand PT98. I started with the following...

Updating my logo, I didn't want it to look so much like non profit so, I removed the breast cancer symbol. I am still very much a proud supporter of the breast cancer community however, I don't only want to appeal to that population but rather put myself in a position to connect with individuals within other industries. I felt a little guilty about it because of my mothers story but then quickly released the guilt after reminding myself that breast cancer was a chapter in my mothers life, not the entire book. And besides I don't want someone to visit my site and think its only for the breast cancer community but rather for any seeking to enhance their health.

Next, clean up my web site, making it more easy to navigate and for people understand that it was a brand designed to cultivate and health and wellness through sharing my own personal experiences. I am no expert or specialist at anything however, I have many people to ask me various questions related to health so, I figured why not share. Plus, I can feature others allowing them to share their expertise. Afterall, health is not just limited to food and exercise. Also, I had to let the podcast go. I may revisit it later but for now, it was too much to balance.

Last, reduce and update my merchandise. I want to create merchandise and gifts that are appropriate for a variety of populations. For now, I just have my sweatshirts and totes but there is more to come. Still working on some things but I am off to a great start.

My mother life is the influence of this brand and I want to share as much as I can while doing the things I love. I can say I do not have it all together and there are some things I am still not quite sure about but this time around I feel more confident about the direction I am headed. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss any updates.

Thank you all for the love and support. Sending hugs and love.


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