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It's a Journey Ft. Monisha Whitfield

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My name is Monisha Whitfield. I am an educator, WERQ Instructor and health enthusiast.

When did you first start your health journey?

I tapped into my healthy journey more specifically my weight loss journey in late fall of 2011. My friend wanted to go to the gym because she was starting her weight loss journey and I was more there to support her, but I ended up developing a love-hate(more love than hate, lol) relationship with fitness and a healthy lifestyle and started my own journey. The thing about a weight loss journey is that it doesn’t just affect you physically, but holistically.

The start of my health Journey, fall 2011

Who/what has been your biggest inspiration during your journey and why?

Honestly, I have been my biggest inspiration when it comes to my weightloss journey. I often think about my future self and how much that person deserves the best. How I don’t want her to be limited because of poor health choices. I can’t change the past, but I can plan for the future. In planning for the future I want to be the best I can be holistically. Working out and making healthy food choices gives me a better chance of combating health issues that ail some of my family members.

What is the biggest lesson you learned since the start of your journey?

The biggest lesson I have learned is that everyone’s journey looks different. Most of the time we are inspired or influenced by people who have been where we are or with similar experiences. We admire their journey and think- this is how it will be, however that usually does not happen. What worked for them may not work for you. You have to go through a phase of discovery. Find what works for you and do that.

Current photos of my health journey

What has been the biggest challenge during your health journey?

The biggest challenge was understanding that my health journey was continuous. It’s not a destination, but a journey. In a journey you have highs and lows as well as changes. What may have worked before may not work or be necessary weeks, months, or years later. New tips and strategies may be acquired through your learning or experiences and you want to change what you are doing. Things may get too tough and you pause or stop for longer than you expected(like I did) and have to muster up the ability to start again or continue(which I did). It is literally trial and error. This means some things will work and others will not. This means you may have to go back to the drawing board more than you would like. Remember change is inevitable, growth is optional. However, this journey requires both.

What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with their health journey?

Coming from the point of view of a weightloss journey, I would say, “You have nothing to lose yet everything to gain, so get moving!” Working out or making healthier food choices does not cause you any harm! Will it cause slight discomfort at first? YES, because you aren’t used to it. However, that's how most new things start. They come with a little resistance, but you adapt and things get a little easier. You have to start though!

How can we connect with you?

You can follow me on Instagram at miss_motivator.


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