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Three Simple Techniques to Help Master Your Emotions

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

The Treasure of Mastering Your Emotions...

Emotions, as we know, can be a dangerous source to rely on when making decisions.  I work hard to overcome my emotions by relying on my ability to remain disciplined, despite how I feel.  Is it always easy?  “Heck NO”, but it is necessary. 


For example, exercising has been my saving grace these past several month, but sometimes I’d rather sleep in or have an emotional eating day foods loaded with sugar.  We have all been there….you’re feeling stressed or defeated so you grab a honey, cupcake, soda, wine, week...whatever your vice may be and have at it, but the real gratification is when slay your emotions and do what is right in the moment, despite how you feel. This can is also known as


Before I proceed, let’s be clear, it’s not always unfavorable emotions that lead to destruction, but favorable ones too, like excitement. For example, you are about to make a big purchase (a new vehicle, furniture or a home) and out of excitement you go over your budget, telling yourself you will figure out a way to pay the bill later. You see, sometimes, excitement can lead to unnecessary pain in future....hence this scenario, it's debt.    

That being said, here are three things I’ve been working on to assist with mastering my emotions.  Hope it helps! 

Embrace Your Emotions 

Naturally, we tend to avoid emotions that don’t feel good, such as, embarrassment, anger, or even sadness.  It is important to understand that our emotions are a vital part of our genetic makeup and it is okay to embrace your feelings.  When you choose to ignore your emotions you place your self at risk for unhealthy mental and emotional side effects.  High blood pressure and hypertension are real y’all.  

Think Before You React

I recall many scenarios where I would react before thinking through the possible consequences of my behavior.  For example, if someone shared some unfavorable news, I would immediately go off the deep end.  I’d call everyone in a panic, start crying, and need to take the remainder of the day off….I was a mess.  I was so dramatic and for what?  Now, when I receive unfavorable news, I opt to think on a response that will avoid things from escalating.  Sometimes, I just have to tell myself, “Tamika, it’s not that serious”!  You must remember to relax because emotions and circumstances are temporary.  And yes, I talk to myself….it works!         

Stop over thinking 

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and just lay there in bed thinking of scenarios that will never happen?  You create drama in your mind and allow it to affect your day.  This has happened to me. After months of torturing myself, I sat up in bed one night and literally said out loud, “I will not keep doing this to myself”.  Now, when I wake up with tons of unrealistic thoughts, I journal or pray.  One of the two is guaranteed to put me back to sleep!  When it happens during the day I immediately stop myself and redirect my thoughts.  Trust me, you have more control than you think and it starts with you realizing the power you have to manifest balanced emotions.          

In conclusion, when I start operating out of emotions, it is an indicator that I have unplugged from my source, which is God, causing me to become burdened.  Why should I stress when my creator has all the answers?  He has all that I need….peace, confirmation, joy...all of it!  I just have to do my part and redirect my focus so He can take care of the rest.            

It is my desire that you master your ability to control how you respond to the everlasting changes that we all face in this journey, called life.  You deserve to live an emotionally balanced life.

I hope you have enjoyed this read. If you wish to connect with me outside of the blog simply email me at


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