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Tia Beasley-Foster


My Pink Story, I Beat Cancer

For years, I've done my monthly breast exams in the shower,sometimes twice a month. I've found several lumps in the past that later turned out to be innocent cysts. In November of 2014 was the first time my husband noticed a lump. Because of my history,I brushed it off. He mentioned it again in December, pushed in January and by February he quoted Ike Turner "if you die, from breast cancer,ill kill you..." We laughed but I heard him and I stopped ignoring that 6th sense.

I went to my Gynecologist for an exam. Even though she couldn't feel what we felt she sent me for an ultrasound. The place I chose wanted to do an ultrasound and Mammogram because of the previous breast concerns but I needed a referral. I called the Gyn and the office assured me "you're too young for a don't need it. Just the ultrasound." I got off the phone feeling uneasy so I called back with a little white lie " the Breast Center is refusing to see me unless I have a referral for a Mammogram in addition to the ultrasound..." The joinery began! I was seen for ultrasound and Mammogram 2/20/15. I had a biopsy on 3/4/15 which lead to the first diagnoses for me of the left breast 3/9/15. Going against the Doctors request, to do surgery as soon as possible, I completed a MRI 4/7/15 to look for other tumors because I kept hearing "your breast are so dense,we cant see everything."

April 9 I was told the right breast,also,had a cancerous tumor. Feeling betrayed yet protected by my body, I had a double mastectomy 5/15/15 to get rid of the tumors & decrease the odds of re occurrence. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 in both breast, no lypmnode involvement, BRCA 1 negative, BRCA 2 negative,estrogen and progesterone positive but her 2 negative with a high proliferation rate and chance of re occurrence. I completed 4 rounds of chemo because of the proliferation profile and as a result of having it in both breast. After I recovered from surgery, chemotherapy and breast reconstruction I decided to live the rest of my life as the best of my life, I beat Cancer! I was so happy I found it and listened to my 6th sense that I saved my life. I remained positive through this journey, praying and smiling so I wouldn't miss the lesson and gifts God were preparing for me.

Although 2015, was rough and beyond unexpected I have learned so much about myself. I vow to take better care of myself; no more working 60 hours a week, exercise at least 5 times a week, eating healthy excluding processed foods, enjoy more family time and laugh often! I'm so blessed and still loving this thing called life. They say everything happens for a reason...


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