Who's that Girl? A Journey Through Breast Cancer

My name is Kesha Haggans and before my Breast Cancer diagnosis I was a 34 year old married woman with 4 children, going to college, working, faithful & committed to God & church. Just really trying to live my life the best way I knew how but I was still unsure about what my life meant and what I was suppose to be doing in life. So, I honestly felt like I was just here kind of taking up space.

I actually learned about my diagnosis through discovery. I found my own lump! After going to a student health clinic & realizing that the NP felt the same thing I felt, it was soon confirmed after mammograms and biopsies that I did indeed have breast cancer.

I ended up going to UAMS in Little Rock, Arkansas to receive all of my treatment. I underwent a double mastectomy, reconstruction surgery, 8 rounds of chemo and finally a hysterectomy. I'm so eternally grateful to the team that took care of my during my battle, they were so personable and caring. That made such a huge difference.

Life after breast cancer has been quite the journey. I'm reaching my 5 year cancer free anniversary (October) and I'm discovering that I've learned more about myself afterwards than during. I'm learning that there were still some things that I needed healed in my life emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I still didn't like a lot things about my self after my process and I was very insecure and didn't realize it. Even through all of the weeding out of the not so pretty things in my life (which I'm still doing) I'm extremely thankful for all the AMAZING things that have happened as well! I have a nonprofit PINK UNVEILED that is focused on supporting the supporters of survivors and also assisting survivors to discover the "what's next" after cancer. I've written a book entitled "The Coolest Mommy" which helps moms and young children deal with breast cancer. I've traveled more, spoken at several events, hosted events, participated in fashion shows, I've been interviewed on our local radio and news stations, I've also spoken at our local University several times as well. I'm even in the process of learning how to swim! I've written & self published my second book "The Breast Cancer Survivor's Workbook" and it should be out in October! My GOAL is to be a Breast Cancer Survivor Life Coach (I'm almost there!) All in all I'm learning to LIVE and to stop being afraid of LIFE!

My advice would be...DO NOT GET STUCK, BY ANY MEANS KEEP MOVING! Don't get stuck in your diagnosis, in your treatment, in your exhaustion or even in your relief that it's over. Figure out the WHAT? What did I learn from this? What was I suppose to gain from this? What relationship needed to end because of this? What is my PURPOSE because of this?

Discover your "what's next" AFTER this battle.I am walking in my purpose writing books, advocating for survivors & pushing women not to be afraid of the next phase in life. This is a process to become WHOLE again after breast caner. It takes work but I believe if we ALL put in the effort, it will be worth it!

Kesha Haggans

Connect with Me:

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Email: pinkunveiled@gmail.com Website: www.pinkunveiled.com (under construction)


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